Q: How much are the annual assessments? A: "For 2017 the annual HOA Assessments are $423/lot.  It is paid in two installments due January 1st and July 1st."
Q: What do the assessments cover? A: "HOA Insurance, Asset Management, Common Area Lawncare, Snow Removal of the "Eyebrows", Electrical for the Irrigation Well & Misc Common Area Maintenance items."
Q: Do you have block parties? A: "Yes, we held our first block party last year and intend on making this an annual tradition."
Q: Who takes care of the roadsc? A: "Kalamazoo County has responsibility for all roads with the exception of the "eyebrows" to the North of the HOA."
Q: Who do I contact if I want to purchase a lot or need construction items approved? A: "Please contact The Lo Company, LLC at 269-492-2700 or via post@theLOcompany.com."
Q: What HOA restrictions are in force? A: "Please refer to the reference section of this website and look for the document called HOA Restrictions."